Internet Privacy

The President signed a bill yesterday evening that ultimately will allow your internet providers, both at home and wireless, to watch, collect, and ultimately sell your internet activity history. What Happened? Last year, the FCC passed a set of rules that would govern how internet service providers handle your privacy. Simply put, the rules required your… Continue Reading

T.L. Holland Agency’s New Website

We’re very excited to unveil T.L. Holland Agency’s brand new website! This is a completely custom and responsive design that has a clean and crisp look. It was important to T.L. Holland, a local real estate agency for the last 50 years, to retain their roots as a family business that has a renown reputation for… Continue Reading

Internet Speed Tests

Last modified on February 15, 2017

  We’re here to shed some light on not only how to test your internet speed, but more importantly, what it all means. Hint: Before blaming your internet provider, you should have us take a look first. You want proof before they give you the runaround. What Is Internet Speed Anyway? Let’s think of internet speed like… Continue Reading

Cox Raising Broadband Rates… Again

We’ve always advocated that Cox Communications is the “best of the bad guys.” They are a cable company after all, and life could be worse for those of us in Rhode Island. Comcast (ahem, Xfinity) and Time Warner are always competing in the annual contest to be the most loathed company in America. Cox has pretty… Continue Reading

Welcome to our new site!

Last modified on July 10, 2016

We’ve been tirelessly working on building our newest iteration of our website over the course of the last month. Utilizing a new design on a new platform, we have simplified our web visitors’ experience. The new site features a blogging platform which will allow you to stay in the loop with the latest tech news, tips,… Continue Reading

PSA: When Microsoft calls you, it’s not Microsoft.

Last modified on May 7, 2016

PSA: If you receive a phone call from Microsoft claiming to see problems with your computer, this is a scam. You can politely let them know you will have your local computer company take care of it, and hang up. Microsoft, or any other legitimate tech company, will never call you directly. Do not follow… Continue Reading

The Computer Doctors Wagon

Last modified on May 2, 2016

Watch out! The Computer Doctors mobile is on the streets! Be sure to pull over if you see us coming, we’ve got important RAM to check.

Is Your Website Ready?

Last modified on May 2, 2016

Is your website mobile friendly? Starting April 21st Google is going to start penalizing websites for not being mobile. We’ll provide free site assessments to make sure you’re up to date! See this article from Google for more info.

New Logo

Last modified on May 2, 2016

We’d like to introduce everyone to our BRAND NEW white and gold logo!

Net Neutrality

Last modified on March 8, 2017

Net Neutrality, or what we prefer to call Net Equality, is the concept of treating internet data the same regardless of who it comes from or where it’s going. It ensures your Netflix stream isn’t deliberately slowed down by your internet provider, who just so happens to provide a competing service. It protects the young… Continue Reading