The right technology solutions for you.

Every customer is different, which is why all of our services will be custom tailored to your needs.

Technical Support

Our team of IT specialists are ready to help you through any kind of IT problem.

How it Works

Your report your problem to us by calling, emailing, or stopping in. We’ll triage your issue and recommend what service you need to get your problem resolved.

Remote Service

Most problems can be resolved quickly and easily using our remote support services. A lot of times it’s difficult to explain the type of problem you’re having and much easier to demonstrate the problem. We can connect to your computer and see what you see. We work with you to identify the issue, its cause, and provide a fix.

Onsite Service

This doctor makes house calls! We’ll come to your home or place of business to get your needs taken care of. Sometimes it’s just better to be with you, in your environment, to correctly diagnose and resolve an issue.

Bench Service

Physical hardware problems require our experienced bench technicians to diagnose repair your system at our facility. When your system comes in for bench service, we do a thorough diagnostic and provide an estimate to get your problem resolved.

Emergency Service

Computer problems don’t have a habit of striking at opportune times. We offer support options for when your problem can’t wait. After hours options are available to our Managed IT Services clients.

Get Help Now

Proactive Maintenance

Doctor Care is a suite of services used to monitor your system’s health and provide automatic, regular maintenance. The Computer Doctors are able to prevent problems before they happen, so you can focus on simply using your computer.


Companies like Norton and McAfee have made a lot of money staying focused on getting you to renew your subscription rather than actually providing a good service. They’ve done this by constantly alerting you to your protection status and other nagging pop ups and notices. Our antivirus service will never bug you or make itself known unless there is actually an issue. All alerts are sent straight to The Computer Doctors support team to triage so you don’t have to be concerned over what is and isn’t a problem.

Health Monitoring

Much like a heart rate monitor in a hospital, we are able to monitor your system’s health 24/7. We watch for things like system errors, network performance, hard disk space, and much more. In the event a potential problem presents itself, an alert is generated so our support team can triage it. Most times we are able to resolve an issue without you even knowing about it.

Preventive Maintenance

The Computer Doctors establish a set of maintenance protocols to ensure your system is operating efficiently. Because maintenance tasks can be intrusive and time consuming, we run them in the middle of the night so it doesn’t interfere with your use. The days of having to maintain your own computer are over.


It’s common to get notices asking for your permission to update something. Now you can safely ignore those messages. The Computer Doctors will apply all critical system updates automatically.

Backup Solutions

Your data is too valuable to leave to chance or to some company that doesn’t have a face. Whether you need to protect your family photos or the whole family business, The Computer Doctors have the right solutions for you.


It’s our job to prepare you for the worst. Disasters occur every single day. Storms, floods, fires, and worse! Those are the types of disasters you can’t do anything about. Then you have disasters that you can do something about, such cyber threats like viruses that hold your data hostage, accidental deletion, or even hardware failure. No matter what type of disaster strikes, The Computer Doctors will ensure your data is protected.

The Consequences

Failure to adequately prepare for a disaster can be very costly, or worse, for your business.


of businesses
are affected by manmade disasters like data deletion or viruses.


are harmed
by natural disasters each year.


of businesses
never reopen after a disaster.


An astounding 51%
close within two years.


of all disk drives
will fail eventually.

Our Strategy

We customize a disaster readiness plan for each business, because each business is unique. After assessing your business needs and your acceptable downtime we deploy our backup systems. We routinely monitor your backups and test restore your data so that if disaster does strike, you are prepared.

Business Continuity

Sometimes simple backup is just not enough. If being down costs your business money, we can replicate your most critical systems in near real-time to our offsite datacenter just waiting for the opportunity to spin up and take over. The Computer Doctors can restore your entire business to full operational capacity in a temporary environment should the worst scenario come to life.

Sleep Easy

There are many things you can’t control. For the things that can be controlled, you can have confidence in the professionals that are tirelessly mitigating every potential failure. For the unavoidable, you can sleep easy knowing that your business is protected at all costs.

Network Security

When it comes to network security, The Computer Doctors use a multi-layered approach that is customized to your business.


The most common layer of security is the antivirus that runs on your computer. We use a customized version of BitDefender for most of our deployments. Our antivirus service will never bug you or make itself known unless there is actually an issue. All alerts are sent straight to The Computer Doctors support team to triage so you don’t have to be concerned over what is and isn’t a problem.


Our Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices sit at the perimeter of your network guarding against intrusion, malware, and even manage secure remote access for authorized users. These firewalls are designed to stop threats before they even make it inside your network.

Content Filtering

Keeping your workforce on task by prohibiting access to productivity wasters like social media sites or adult content can be help improve your business’s bottom line. This strategy can also thwart possible phishing or website redirection scams which are known to infect systems.

CryptoLocker & Ransomware

CrypoLocker and the plethora of variants have one goal in mind: Extort your business for cash. They will infect a computer, encrypt all of its files, encrypt all the files on every network share it can find, and then offer to sell you a key to decrypt those files. The Computer Doctors utilize sophisticated strategies that are constantly modified to keep up with the latest attack vectors to protect your business.

Cloud Solutions

The term “cloud” is overused and seldom understood. The important thing to understand is that cloud services give you access to technology that was once completely unaffordable for a small business. You can take this technology and let it scale with you as your company grows.

Unified Communications

Send and receive email, text messages, voice calls, video calls, on any device from anywhere.

  • Start a text conversation from your computer with a colleague and resume it from the road on your phone right where you left off.
  • Take a picture on your phone and use your computer to email that picture to a client without ever having to touch a cable or ‘sync’ a thing.
  • Add a new contact while out at a business meeting, and that contact is immediately synced to your address book at work.

Your Documents Wherever You Are

No matter where you are, at the office, at home, on the road, or even (eek) on vacation, you will be able to access that important document quickly and easily.

  • All your files synchronize automatically with all of your devices.
  • As much storage as you could ever need.
  • Easily share and collaborate on documents securely and in real-time.


Easily manage your schedule of events.

  • Your calendar stays in sync with all of your devices so you always know where you need to be and when.
  • Share your calendar with colleagues and family to coordinate events.
  • Check coworkers’ availability quickly and easily right from your pocket.

Remote Access

Have specialty line of business programs on your work computer? No problem!

  • Remotely access your devices from anywhere.
  • Send print jobs to the office printer.
  • Login to your accounting software.
  • Help a coworker by sharing their screen.

Lost, Broken, or Stolen Device?

Losing access to one of your devices can be devastating. Not anymore!

  • Easily locate your lost device using its GPS coordinates.
  • Remotely destroy your device and all of its data if stolen.
  • You’ve lost nothing! Simply replace the device, login with your account, and presto! All of your data comes back immediately.

VoIP / Phone Systems

Voice over IP (VoIP) is an incredible technology that allows your phone communications to travel through your internet connection. The Computer Doctors deploy VoIP telephone lines at a fraction of the cost of what your current provider charges. Instead of a traditional PBX, a piece of hardware you have to purchase and keep in your office, The Computer Doctors use a cloud PBX which is scalable to any size, never goes down in a power outage, and never needs to be replaced or repaired.

Voice Essentials

The following features are included in our standard VoIP service offering:

  • Unlimited Inbound/Outbound Minutes, USA/Canada
  • Keep your current numbers
  • Automated Receptionist
  • Voicemails sent to email
  • On-Hold Music
  • Conference Calling

Voice Upgrades

Additional features to supplement the Voice Essentials package:

  • Enhanced IVR Automated Receptionist
    • Professional voice recordings
    • Department listing (press #1 for sales, #2 for support, etc)
    • On hold advertising
    • Caller has option to leave voicemail at any time
    • Automatic Open/Closed mode based on schedule
  • Call Queues
    • Callers will wait in a queue until an agent is available to answer the call
  • Follow Me
    • Calls direct to your extension will follow you to your mobile phone
  • Click-to-call
    • Make and receive calls right from your computer
  • Fax to email
    • Dedicated fax number delivers faxes directly to your email

Website Services

The Computer Doctors offer a wide range of services for your company’s web presence.

Website Design

The Computer Doctors work with local businesses to build attractive and functional websites at an affordable price. We handle everything from a simple digital business card site, to a fully customized e-commerce solution. The Computer Doctors integrate a full Content Management System (CMS) which is an EASY way for your own team to keep it up to date and engaging.

Be Responsive

Having a responsive site means that your site will “respond” to the type of device that is viewing it. Whether your site is being loaded on a full size monitor, small smartphone, or large projector, your design will be consistent. Every site we build will adhere to the latest standards and best practices for responsive website design.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Computer Doctors use the industry’s best practices to build your site with SEO in mind. Ranking high when someone is searching for what your business offers can make all the difference in the world. Although Google has the secret formula in how sites are ranked, we build your site from the ground up with SEO in mind giving your site the competitive advantage you deserve.


What good is having a website if you don’t know how effective it is? Know who your visitors are, where they’re coming from, why they arrived, what device they’re using, and how long they’re staying. The Computer Doctors will help you harness this data so that you can market your site effectively and convert visitors into customers.


One stop shopping for your website buildout! Once your website is built, you need a place to put it. We can easily accommodate any of your web hosting needs. Anywhere from a shared hosting plan for most sites to robust dedicated servers are at your disposal. We maintain the site so it stays online and accessible for your customers to view.

Internet, Email, and Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it… the Yellow Pages are dead. It is imperative that we leverage the NEW media direction in order to properly market our business. That includes a combination of marketing tactics including email, online advertising, and even social media, which nobody can ignore. It is important to leverage these tools effectively to stand out from the crowd and engage the new generation of prospective clients. Let us help demystify the tangle of the Internet and bring your business to the next level.