Empowering you to use technology to grow your business.

While integral to a company’s success, comprehensive IT solutions can be costly. The Computer Doctors provide the same level of support that you'd expect from a full-time IT department, but at a fraction of the cost.

All of our agreements include unlimited support, at a fixed monthly fee.

We focus on results, not billable hours.

We don't charge per visit. Our goal is to get it right the first time to prevent downtime.

Is Your Business Ready?

Our team has the experience to deal with every type of IT disaster.

Data Loss

When was the last time you tested your backups? How prepared are you if a system fails? Could your business survive if you lost everything?

Cyber Threats

Will your anti-virus protect you from sophisticated threats like CryptoLocker or email phishing attempts? Are your credit card/banking transactions and other sensitive data at risk?

The Unknown

Are you paying too much for the wrong technology? Could you be doing things easier, better, and cheaper? Sometimes the worst IT disaster is simply not knowing.

We Want To Set You Up for Success.

An entire team's worth of expertise at your side.


Proactive Support

Solving your problems isn’t good enough for us. Our team stays vigilant ensuring you don’t have problems to begin with.


We use multiple layers of defense to keep your business protected.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We design and implement backup solutions that ensure you don't miss a beat if disaster strikes.


Cloud Services

Access your everything from anywhere on any device. Knowing what cloud services to use is our specialty.



Phone systems and service using VoIP technology can slash your current phone bill in half.



We ensure you have a fast, reliable, and secure connection for your internet, WiFi, and remote access needs.

We Know Small Business.

As a small business ourselves, we have found creative ways to leverage cutting edge technology to empower your small business to succeed.

Your Trusted Advisors.

The Computer Doctors is a team of small business specialists that understand what you need, and more importantly, what you don’t.

The local community has trusted us with their IT needs for over years. Our clients love working with us because we save them money and frustration.

You'll get a Primary Care Doctor who is intimately familiar with your business. As a part of your team, they can provide technology advice that is specific to your needs and budget.

Let Us Grow with You.

When you succeed, we succeed.

assignment_ind Fully Managed IT Services

As part of your team, we learn about your business, become acquainted with your staff's needs and processes, and align your IT strategy with your goals. While other IT companies get paid every time you have a problem, The Computer Doctors flat rate billing guarantees our incentive is for you to not have problems in the first place.

supervisor_account Support Your Existing IT Team

If you already have an IT team, we can work alongside them. Every IT person runs into situations that another set of eyes can help with. You benefit by having a trusted resource available to help with specific projects, provide support to your employees when your team is unavailable, and ensure your business is operating efficiently.

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